Bunches of books positioned next to a suitcase
like painted fur and the skin underneath.

Put on the fur as you head to the protest,
then reposition the bookmarks
on the pamphlet desks
and turn each one in
to a special drink.

Or an Omen everyone is suddenly
objecting to as it keeps on
switching sides, turning
libations into slime

to liberate a smile
from at least one participant
and then someone has to decide
between jello mold
and belly pain. Take a menstrual curve

ball and throw it across the room
or toss it down the toilet and flush.
The blood is thick and heavy
and it’s going to explode,
then grow new life behind the walls. 

Then break the mirror,
drip down from the ceiling
and take us out to the ball game
where over sized wieners are for sale
to the underground balloon animal shop,

to be tied into shapes and knots
just like all of the swollen bellies.
To find out how it feels to have to
belly dance your way into the back room
where the blood will drip down forever.