Dads shoulders were the top of the neon world
Cotton candy ice cream dripping down my arms
Vivid blue and vibrant pink stains all over my body
Losing my teeth were my biggest fears and accomplishments
Waiting for the tooth fairy to fly through my window
Playdates with Emily everyday
Even our dolls were best friends
And napping at school was the most challenging
To stay still and sleep
But that’s where I was from
Now I countdown the hours till I finally get to stop
Put down everything and just rest
Exhausted from the day
Block one, Block two, Block three, Block four…
Now Emily, the girl I once was closest with
Is now the ones that pick me apart
Tired and depressing
Sitting on the bathroom floor
Dissecting myself trying to figure out whats wrong with me
Work piles up to the point where I don’t know where to start
School isn’t fun anymore
Days never end.
That’s where I am