so wake up, wake up, I need you. JoJo took me out of old box for cameras, left me stuck on bow wall by Superbowl Bow. Now is my shot to get to new box before JoJo unwears us for forever. New box, like I just told. It is just right there on wide and low by JoJo Unicorn Nightlights, stuffed with new bow. Shush, Abby Strikes Back Bow. Let me tell quick why, so BowBow and sharp sharps are not wake up and come to make pieces again.

Old bow are most bow, best bow, tied by Mama Jessalyn. We came first. We are first place. All new bow do is crunch in their see-through papers and song JoJo JoJo. In the Merch Room dark they do this, for next JoJo. New bow are all alike. They do not know that they are bow or how very bow they are not. They do not know JoJo picked them for Great Stores, that JoJo calls them special. They do not know about before times and Mama Jessalyn, about Siwanatorz, about being bow. New bow are fake and they are stupid. We are real. New bow for Great Stores will make JoJo not JoJo, make us less bow.

Everything changes now. It is not just box of new bow. It is new girl JoJo brings to Merch Room and touches faces with by JoJo Hairdorables. New girl has no hair. New girl tells JoJo not to care about Siwanatorz, not to care about cameras, that if JoJo does not want to sparkle and wear bow and be JoJo never never that it is ok and it is ok to touch faces and to be Yourself, whoever that is. New girl has no hair and tells JoJo bad things, and next JoJo, JoJo might have no hair and be bad too. If JoJo stops care for Siwanatorz, for cameras, for hair, for bow, and turns into Yourself, how then, how will we be bow?

Next is simple. I am Number One Bow, JoJo’s favorite, so I go first to new box. D.R.E.A.M. The Tour Bow, your ribbon is unraveled since last BowBow sharp sharps made pieces. Toss it to me, just like that, because you are not using it and JoJo is not using you. I can use ribbon to get to new box and maybe, just maybe get all of old bow across, if you help.

Huh, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Fairytales Come to Life Episode 7 Bow? How do you know I’m a come back like a boomerang? Let me remind you that I am Number One Bow, JoJo’s favorite. JoJo wore me first before Abby, before cameras, before Merch Room, before big white hills and Siwanatorz flashings. Mama Jessalyn made me first. Carried my parts in bags and spread pieces me under Braska House track lighting. If you do not know Braska House it is because you are not bow enough and it is because I came first, which is why I go first to new box. Braska House was not dark like Merch Room. JoJo was Joelle in Braska House and danced on green carpet, not on big white hills for Siwanatorz. Siwanatorz had not come to look at JoJo and bow with their flashings and their screams. Braska House was for pieces me and Mama Jessalyn and stucking stick. Braska House is Mama Jessalyn calling pieces me beautiful and sliding her fingers down ribbon me and feather me and squeezing stucking stick to push my parts together. Braska House is for waking up bow in JoJo’s ponytail and riding in light and knowing you are bow forever.

No, stop, bows, let me tell, now that I am not covered by your ribbons and sparkles: Do you want to see Siwanatorz again? To keep beautiful in their flashings and with their screams? To shine in JoJo’s hair on big white hills? Do you want new bow in your spot at Great Stores? For JoJo to have no hair? For new girl and new bow to change JoJo? To forget old bow forever? Never, never. Not this bow.

So, no, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Fairytales Come to Life Episode 7 Bow I would never never leave you because I care. Now toss me up your neon shoelace. I need it for some swinging.

Maybe when I get to new box I can tell new bow all there is about Mama Jessalyn and Braska House and before times. Can tell how to be better bow and then maybe we all go to Great Stores and see Siwanatorz and be best bow, beautiful bow. Some way we can help new bow out of their papers and tell together ways to keep JoJo same JoJo, to make Merch Room new girl no girl.

You are next, Ovens Auditorium Bow, I need your alligator clip. Now to just boogie onto ribbon with clips. Now to just twist and shimmy. Now to just bop on over.

Uh oh, I fell down. I tried to get to new box and fell down. Bows, I need more parts. I am right here on bottom by JoJo Glow in the Dark Bath Set.

Why will no bow move?

Do you hear collar? BowBow and sharp sharps are wake up. They are coming over. They must have heard.

BowBow, BowBow, put me down! Mall of America Bow, toss me your laces! All of you! Will no bow help?

I take it back. I want back in old box with old bow for show to cameras just some times. I really do! You are all special, so special to me! Throw me your parts! I need your parts!

I am gulped.

I am down dark now, girls. BowBow and sharp sharps have made me into pieces me again. They pull me apart.

Bows, I am shimmying down dark. Down dark is darker than Merch Room. In down dark I am bow no more. Feather me is pressed by sharp sharps. In down dark with ribbon me is Ovens Auditorium clip, but she is shut quiet now and I am pieces me.

Am I still in Merch Room? Can you hear from me in down dark, girls? BowBow is moving now. Maybe BowBow takes pieces me to JoJo. Maybe JoJo unsticks feathers me from sharp sharps and finds my parts and takes me to Mama Jessalyn and stucking stick and I will wake up bow again in JoJo’s ponytail, will ride on top in light for Siwanatorz to see.

It is so dark down here in down dark. Some flashings would be good. Or a singing song.

I’ll song to myself for some times until JoJo finds pieces me, makes me bow again for Great Stores and for big white hills and showtimes. I’ll song to myself for now.

Whoever you are, whatever you are

Whatever you do

You’re the number one, number one Number one you