I. Plasticity

—So you’re saying you do think that’s how it should be. Is that what you’re saying?

—No yeah yeah yeah, that is what I’m saying. Well I mean it’s kinda what I’m saying.

—It’s not what you’re saying.

—No yeah well it’s kinda. Like I mean ’cause on one hand like yeah, it is, but on the other hand . . . I mean no, yeah it is, like in a general sort of what it’s what I’m saying.

—So it is what you’re saying.

—Well I mean yeah and not, right, because I mean if you go too extreme with it—like the more I’m thinking about it, the more I think it’s, I mean, like it’s hard to say that it’s definitely what I’m trying to say, you know?

—. . .

II. Vulnerability

—Wait guy, like do you actually not care? Or what.


III. Relation

—I don’t think they’re really the same.

—If you think about it though I mean it kind of works.

—Mmm I’m not so sure about that.

—If you think about it.

—In what way.

—Think about it.