Why do you return to the gravesite   after strands
of words read wrong draw circle around your
feet     After the stone has been rolled away?
and nothing found to memorialize but a t-shirt  shoved
under the rest of your clothes that no longer fit
You’re smart enough not to expect a garden in
Genesis   supplication when it’s easier on the spirits
to study clouds  guess the weather  pet dogs and
Cradle dog-ear books while listening to engines   speakers
throbbing at peak volume   shaking your porch then
vanished  Swept silent in a land gone Autumn
only an imprint on your pulse  that coffee and
extra shifts will dull  when new loves leave
You sleeping in your car until you’re both
out of I’m sorries  and the mosquitos get thick off
the lake   until hand finds hand  boots pace back
To a life you can’t stop living