where Tim and Wendy White haven’t cut their hair
in seventeen years & Tim is a bass player in a never found
fame band & Wendy struggles with her 1989 girlfriend of musician
wardrobe & their neighbor with Kate Plus 8 Hair writes to Oprah
because she wants to unstick them from their stuck
So Victoria Principal and Oprah turn Wendy into a young Meg Ryan
I see her beaming now in a blush pink cocktail dress as the audience rises
to their feet applauding the transformation & out comesTim–

[They have both not seen the new thems yet. Can’t spoil the surprise.]

who they turn into Rick Springfield or maybe the guy from Train
& he bursts when he catches sight of Wendy & the way
that he looks at her is the miraculous part & I check
the comments because I want to see an update of them in 2023,
because this is way more than a makeover– it’s a love story
& I am invested until someone a few scrolls down mentions in all caps
that Tim dies of a massive heart attack in 2008 & they bury him
in that Prada suit & Wendy joins Tim’s band to honor him–

& I search Instagram & Facebook for her profile as it hits me they only had five
more years together & Wendy has been a widow for fifteen & they just miss
the 2008 Where areThey Now Oprah episode where they announce
his fate & Wendy is four years older than me & my anniversary
is next month & I had bangs in 2003 & a perm in 1988 & I hope she still
plays gigs & her hair is before the makeover long, because I don’t ever want
it to change again & I am making an effort to cover my grays
& I wonder if the neighbor is still alive, still next door–