A cold, lonely planet


you are accelerating at a rate of leaving behind everything you ever cared about


you are hoping to achieve a terminal velocity


and then smash into something resembling a fierce, sad comet


and then the pieces of your heart will scatter


like tiny bits of ash or something


and you will spiral toward a cold, lonely planet


and if you are somehow still alive


you will hope that there is a creature resembling a wampa or a sasquatch


or even a giant plant that licks the faces off warm blooded organisms


and you hope it will find you in the dark and the snow


and end your life


but in reality


if the planet is not empty


the creature might be so lonely that it welcomes you


and it builds an igloo


and you stay there for a while


and then you feel ok for a period of time


and you get to know the creature


and you even feel empathy


then after six months or a year


you feel sick of being stuck on a cold, lonely planet


living in an igloo with a depressed sasquatch


and now you regret having crash landed


because this planet is devoid of interstellar technology


and it would take at least a few thousand years for its development


and now the stars are coming out


and you are standing on a giant frozen world


and you see something resembling the milky way


and you wish you were somewhere else maybe even home



considering philosophy at 2pm on thursday because i don’t have a real job



i am thinking about when i used to read nietzsche


i feel destroyed by will to power


everything is happening over again


i am watching tv again


i feel stronger emotional connections to tv characters than to people in my life


schopenhauer would go out of his way to annihilate kittens and most humans


because existence is suffering and the kindest gesture is to relieve someone of suffering


schopenhauer would murder an entire town of elderly people just to promote his philosophy


if everything is nothing then nothing is happening all the time so why do i feel so shitty doing nothing or anything really


later i was walking around staring at trees trying to feel pensive


i pissed in the same river twice


at the end of life you probably get to see everything shitty that you didn’t realize you did


everything is happening over again


every world religion and worldview in general accepts the fact that the world is terrible and full of suffering they all just prescribe different methods for ignoring the fact that the world is terrible and full of suffering so basically they are techniques for not thinking about the world


most happy people don’t read philosophy


to figure out what is happening outside i watch tv


there are leaves falling in front of my window