I can still conjure the signature
scent of college, eau de
. Several pumps
of parfum overlay on the way
to bacon and eggs to evaporate
reeking decisions. Proctor
and Gamble, I award you
the Nobel for Chemistry. Maybe
the Peace Prize too. Kids today:
Will you ever know our line
of romance? Treated to a $5
Solo cup at a house party, overflowing
with his watery personality.
I believe they called it Lite
Still has a lot of calories
if you keep drinking them down.
In Walmart, I couldn’t decide
whether to buy the VHS
or DVD version of Moulin Rouge,
vacillating between sturdy black box
and shimmering iridescent
spin, package of the unknown
at a $5 markup. I never liked
the ’round and ’round
of ferris wheels, anyhow—
Same me as I started,
just slightly dizzy, some extra
breeze sprayed on my face.