Jurassic Poem


I will never be as good as Jurassic Park

Though I have put my entire life on screen

The truth hangs like a fart

Flowers are nice

Because they are a kind of skin that you can tear apart

We are doing so crazy

We are already in the moon

I will put a flamingo on the cover

And watch it migrate around the room

And abandon myself to the movement



Champagne Poem


Everything was true and then it wasn’t

It was like a miracle in reverse

It was like a very long goodbye

Everyone wanted it to be over and then it was over

It was a remarkable career in advertising



Ghost Poem


You are like a ghost that has never even been alive

It is so exhausting having to explain everything to you

It is a violence against women

Like this endless stream of commercials

On weight loss

You used to think my thoughts were so important

I used to tell them to you one at a time

I was just laying here in the road

You make me think of everything

Your misery is like a sport

You made me dance once and you made me laugh once

And I can’t figure out how you did that


Boy Poem


Boys are very special

Girls, you know but boys

They’re very special

Remember that time you cried?

That was my favorite of the times

I wanted to protect you and you wanted to protect me too

It was so nice!

I saw you going away

It seemed like a hole diminishing

You were going away and I was standing still

But there wasn’t any difference

The truth is just something we agreed on



Xmas Poem


The ghost of Xmas past is here to fuck us up again!

You are like Donald Duck with no pants

I like to watch you walk around in your white ass

I am writing you a letter without a return address

That only says “Hello how is it going?”

I am feeling generous and treacherous

And really having a terrible time

It is all for you, Damien