Ava Wolf

twitter: @wownicebuttdude

Ava Wolf is a writer, designer, and several children stacked on top of one another inside a trenchcoat. Ava grew up in New York and spent a portion of her adolescence in suburban Pennsylvania before moving to Philadelphia, where she has lived since 2013. She works as a digital content creator by day and a nervous poet by night.

Ava has never done anything cool in her whole life. That’s a lie—one time she accidentally shoulder-checked Anne Hathaway in the middle of the street. Ava spends most of her time reading with the windows open regardless of temperature. She also enjoys a nice cocktail. On weekends, Ava spends most of her time with friends, who she loves dearly, even if she’s always forgetting to text them back. (Sorry.)

The list of authors who have inspired Ava is infinite and cascading, so she’ll limit it to a select few for the sake of brevity: Chelsey Minnis, Lorrie Moore, Jamaica Kincaid, Anne Carson, Robert Glück, Mary Robinson, and Rachel Cusk. Right now, she’s working through Normal People by Sally Rooney alongside seemingly everyone else on Earth. Ava tends to write about intersections: desire and grief, youth and reflection, hedonism and the transience of mortality, et cetera.

Instagram: @avawolf

Selected Publications:

She also has several works of fiction in the second issue of Tilde, as well as a forthcoming chapbook from Ghost City Press’ 2019 Summer Micro-Chap Series called YEAR OF THE PIG.