I eat fire. I am stone and tree. We are made of the same star stuff the stars that hang in the sky blind eyed by day burned white by the sun. Can you hear them sing? We the women who walk far. Unknown philosophers’ we
I exist. I am more than my name. .. Trace my hand. Where are you going? Where have you been?
Who are you? Sing your name here____________. XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO
Hello cruel world. Welcome to the portal. My life is a black hole.
How long have I been here? Where am i? This place stinks! Draw something. Do you believe in ghosts? Who is the woman in the mirror? how many cups of coffee did you drink smile shout 2 4 6 8 how many times has your heart been broken? Write number here __________xxo
I won’t tell. Tell me your secrets’ and I will tell you who you are…. I MISS MY DOG.
Where o’ where has my little dog gone o’ where or where can he be?
I am alone.
Call 123-456 anytime. Boys are pigs….but girls still like them. Sometimes. I just want to be loved.
Do you love me? I love you! You are safe here write your truth on this wall leave a message I will return
Just passin’ thru beans beans the magical fruit hope everything come out alright
Just pissin’ in the wind
Sammy+ Sammy no one ever listens to me I hate school x here if you agree or disagree
THINK who do you think you are what doesn’t kill us makes us think
Why did my mom why did my dad I am free here no one cares I’m on my own do you want to be friends? This is a poet’s wall friends? Lost. Lost? No one knows me I am nobody who are you? I wish I had a home and some goddamn food who cares I hate lairs I have dreams FU wish upon a star start a movement