We’re looking to shake things up and bring on more staff! Maudlin House is growing and we need to keep up with that growth! Supply and demand right? Errr something not quite so capitalistic, we’re not bougie…


But we do need to bring it! So what is Maudlin looking for? I’m so glad you asked! We are looking for reviewers, columnists, and all around weirdos. We’re pretty open minded, so just give us a shout! Tell us what you can bring to Maudlin.

Send an email to mallory@maudlinhouse.net:

  • about you
  • cool work you’ve done
  • why you want to work with us
  • fresh ideas you have
  • writers you dig
  • relevant Social Media accounts

These are non-paying positions at the moment (one day we hope to be able to pay). Everyone at Maudlin is a volunteer. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be perks   😉