Vaporized: Crosslegged under a rain-tight roof, inflated shuffles migrate. He switches his what with her that during a 60 second lull. Wobbling, I gravitate toward formations in peeled bark. He picked his cat over a worthy foe as his house went on burning. Rewound by fragrances ciphered horizontally, abundantly contained, trivial back jumps pull closer. Hyping, clutching, translating why one is left stranded, curiosity absent whether obstruction breeds. He said his grandmother had died doing a crossword puzzle. Mine had left refusing my presence. Hers told her that she was a descendant from seers who’d arrived in dark clouds. On the ninth day of the blue circle with goblet drums battling, the doings grew worse. Closures // they can’t shield. Unofficially, we waited for “it.” We were tampering with the way “it” was -— or could be. Hardly an advance. Traveling away, then towards. No testimony that it had ever begun. I think they were more shocked than I. She wasn’t like that he swore, but let’s just suppose she was.


Reveal: I signed up for lessons on how to guard silence. The ad on the billboard sold me the idea. Due to popularity he said to expect that it might not be near. In fact, he said, the list had already reached capacity. Come worship up on a hilltop on the fifth Friday of the month. Protect & Don’t Worry: Microchip your Pet. Fresh when it actually wasn’t. Coincidences fluid. They leaned with them, their dancing partners, and cut across a darkly tinted puddle hardly touching granular exteriors. I can’t tell what’s moving fast. It’s already gone. Infinite tiers passionately ditched. Brooms sweeping while liquids boil. Nothing to bolt shut. Much too much reassessing over adulterated facts. Evidence lacking. Perplexity doubling as brief interludes oppose permanent sealing. He is out-maneuvered and conveniently selects what to toss. Distant clusters reflect into a glassy cup. Thump. Smack. Never easing. Preventions fail to bypass requests that can’t be shaken. He knows he has to. He pivots without a hinge.