The Reality of Defeatism

Evolution put forth competition
            /I am aware of defeat/
competition in almost all facets
of not just human life
but of all life forms in general
however it is especially pronounced
among human life which has taken
competition to a Darwinian Apex
a balloon of growing growling conflict
soon enough to explode!
            /I am aware of defeat/
soon enough all of us will be aware of defeat.




Heath Brougher lives in York, PA and attended Temple University. When not writing he helps with the charity Paws Soup Kitchen which gives out free dog/cat food to low income families with pets. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Yellow Chair Review, Of/With, Mobius, *82 Review, Main Street Rag, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Calliope, Rust + Moth, Third Wednesday, Foliate Oak, A New Ulster, and elsewhere.

Cover Photo: Joel Ormsby (