I got a little too drunk last night and thought about how I would drive if I had been drinking out of the house. I wondered why I let myself do that and wondered if it would kill me one day. Or if I’d have DUI branded on my head for life.
      I started preparing tacos while half-watching Grey’s Anatomy. Yeah that show still runs. I burned the meat in the microwave. I took our Big Knife, actually titled a Chef’s Knife, and decided to chop the lettuce down hard and fast while making a short yell. Like I’m more important and stronger than a lonely retail-working wife making tacos on her day off (which wasn’t her husband’s day off).
      I cut the lettuce without cutting my fingers (which I’ve done before) and I half-watched Grey’s Anatomy with my wine. The meat was cold in the middle (burnt on the edges) so I stirred it around before making my first taco. I threw the meat on, uncaring, then sprinkled some lettuce, non-chalant. But the cheese, I placed the grated cheese carefully, like rose petals on the bed, counting each one.

       Some sprinkled to the counter, some made my fingers sticky, some fell to the floor. My dog ate the fallen pieces, grateful, and we watched people die together and ate tacos, alone.



Jourden V. Sander is a bookseller and writer in Austin, TX. She writes just about anything from flash to poetry, short stories to creative nonfiction, and attempted novels to experimental prose. She’s been published a few places including The Fem, Aviary Review, the Austin International Poetry Festival 2015 anthology Di-Vêrsé-City, and others. She isn’t tired of the zombie trend yet and loves playing video games. She’s a shameless anime lover. She has a corgi named Kairi. She says hello! Follow her on twitter @jourdensander.
My personal website: www.jourdenvsander.com


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Cover Photo: “Miniature Map #5” by Toti O’Brien (http://totihan.net/artist.html)