1. the soft buzz of sunset in the Mississippi heat

humming to life, wavelengths of color


  1. remixed, reimagined in the desert

to match the tempo of war


  1. my husband appearing

on the screen, aroused


  1. and longing as mortar

warnings reverberate in the background


  1. like that one time we fucked

as tornado sirens wailed


  1. and hail ricocheted off the roof,

piled up like melting moth balls



  1. in the gutters—

I worried he might die,


  1. but he came home,

so we danced in the pale yellow


  1. light of the kitchen,

christened each room


  1. as if newlyweds

crossing thresholds,


  1. fumbling and finding ourselves

in the thrums


  1. of blood rushing,

wanting to hold onto the newness,


  1. wanting sex as sweet

as the Second Coming.