When the Apocalypse Came
there was
no fire no hail
no disease no insanity
the earth did not heave
the skies did not fail
the seas did not vomit
there were only
the bombs and bullets
we launched at each other
i was both believer
and infidel
so was my enemy
and the world was
a quicksand of
prayers and blood in
an hourglass
and this was
the only Armageddon
there could be
for all our gods were dead
long before we started
our holy wars



Vijayalakshmi Harish is a book blogger and writer. She has been published in print in Reading Hour magazine and online on Women’s Web magazine and Tiny Buddha. She has also been a guest poet on bentlily.com. Link to her blog: http://sett.com/thereadingdesk

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