I get a mocha to go, taking it to a Pacific park, thinking about food and art as I pass a fish taco stand’s orca mural and a t-shirt shop.


Flowers and trees welcome me along the path to the shore. I breathe gratefully, immersed in billowing spring fragrances and ocean breezes.


A cedar protects a bench at the park lawn’s edge, in front of boulders separating grass from soft beach sand. I sit to savour my mocha.


The ephemeral beverage, foam bubbles popping, inspires me to drink mindfully. I appreciate the liquid synchronicity in a marine environment.


It’s fun to take photos with the beach backdrop, hand modelling in travel mug shots. I sip between snaps. I get an idea.
Walking to the beach, I juxtapose mocha foam against sea foam in abstract photos. I ponder impermanence. Seagulls cry, floating on winds.


I finish the mocha and traverse the coast to home, saying goodbye to seals fishing in the water, and hello to sea glass mobiles on my deck.


Ordering photo books customized with foamy beach images, next day they’re dispatched to me. I package them with dried kelp bookmarks.


I take them to a gift shop in the cove village. Mocha Sea Foam sells on consignment to tourists eager for ocean and food culture souvenirs.


The aquatic art book earns enough to go year round to the local café, to get mochas and enjoy them at the beach as I watch foam disappear.