Unborn bodies follow us
to New Tenochtitlan

where poppies and marigolds
flower, hidden in tall grass
a grist of bees has built their hive

in the carcass of a boar
Here bodies cease

& the wraiths of those bodies
transcend into sun:
light as cloud vapor

A pale fawn struggles
to stand straight on transparent legs

We will pilot their legs
like mother deer until they can
move them on their own to

return with crude meat,
more fresh bodies to be dipped

in lucid currents of golden river
where mind flourishes into itself,
an animal of the self

Blinded by sun
we become


Everything is sun
Moonlight also is

just sunlight
reflected off white rock

There are hundreds of suns
out in that


It is worth searching
for one to call your own


The last two seconds:

You will vanish,
you will

be remembered
by sun solely

Not even water

remember the shape
of your body


A warm meniscus in atrophy


A boat crashes in moonlight
onto sawtooth rock cliffside

We prosecute, mislead,

those who impersonate

This time it was the lighthouse men
They swallow salt

Water bubbles out
the corners of their mouths


We take boats out, others swim
Black water pricks

their blueish skin,
crystalline beneath moon

The ones we took for the sun,
the ones we killed float &

collect the star’s reflection
Their soul matter wails
under the water

Little bubbles
Little bubbles

Remind us we are
alive Still.


Earth people tell us
lies about our beloved
sun, they say

in space if you
rest on the moon
the glow of Earth

any beauty sun

& moon’s true beauty
is its power over the sea


We are here now:

Earth & moon

in the warmth
of our solar arms

Look at them now

Jump in a pool
you can not

get wet for you are

a sun

like us your lover too is

a sun

a sun

a sun