I Need to View This .pdf File


but my laptop is almost dead

and the cord isn’t long enough to reach

the distant outlet in the library but that’s okay because

the outlet is occupied by my phone charger which is plugged into

my phone which I can use to view the file though the charger isn’t the charger

that my phone came with but one that was gifted to me by my friend who used to share it

with her ex and it was orphaned during their messy breakup anyway the charger voltage is apparently

slightly wrong for my phone which somehow messes with whatever’s inside thereby restricting it from properly

accessing certain apps namely the app that displays pdf files but that’s okay there’s an app that can convert them

to docx files on the fly but only if I’m connected to wifi because the app which is free has to display

advertisements for a dragon-themed game called Dragon Realm: Return of the Sorcerer (also free

also an app also bearing ads) which I can’t play even though the mechanics of the game

look interesting because it doesn’t support the current operating system

installed on my phone and the System Update app needs to

be updated but it can’t be updated until it’s updated

via my laptop which is now



Arthur C. Clarke said technology is indistinguishable from magic.

A sorcerer suddenly combats a low-level dragon,

casting complicated spells from a tome.

They are simply written on paper.

He summons an outlet.

His battery is

Love Poem (w/ Notation and Criticism by August Smith)
I have gotten into the habit
of unplugging my in-ear headphones
from my mp3 player every time
I’m done listening to music.
That way, the part of the headphones
that connects to the mp3 player
doesn’t get stressed or bent
or damaged in my pocket.
I think that by doing this, I am
extending the integrity of
my in-ear headphones,
ultimately saving me money.


August Smith is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and currently resides in Somerville, MA. He runs Cool Skull Press. View his website here: http://august.mostlymidwest.com/

Cover Photo: “Sheet Tug” Erin Case (http://erincase.weebly.com)