Her hair was a cascading wave I thought I could climb.
The way she threw her head back with laughter
those strands enveloped her.
It was her hands, though
sun kissed wrinkled edges
pushed me forward.

he cartwheeled into my DMs
told me he’d never seen anything prettier.
asked me what a girl like me would find herself doing on a night like this

She would be howling at the moon as we locked hands and rubbed ourselves against the dirt

he didn’t hear me but offered me a kiss
the promise of a text back.
Those long fingernails brushing the hair from my forehead
what’s a girl like you doing all alone out here?

I gave him the piece of me that was easiest to rid
the way it flaked

I took up space.

he lapped it up effortlessly–licked between the corners of our demise.
he offered me his words
I gave him my skin.

Her hair would tangle between our fingertips
Flames to heat our bodies.
Sweat pooled at the center, a flare is lit.

The way her back arched back and forth
We rose.
a voyeur at its finest.

The mother
a daughter
Our holy ghost.

Our fingers clasped and dangled over the edge of his sheets.
a spinning scent of musk made way to fresh air
and lulled our flesh deeper.

A serpent’s tongue pressed us wider
his torso flexed and contorted with manic pleasure.
The scream of Her sigh took us deeper.