What you want from the center of the flower would be considered extortion
& I have a headache.
I want to make you sick so you can feel how I feel.
No other language will suffice.
People who say love is a bloodsport are funny.
I mean, not funny.
It’s all about your personal brand.
I would like nothing more than to be a beautiful, self-sufficient man.
I am easier to like when I am withholding, still I withhold nothing.
I can’t help myself.
I like the word grift.
Someone once asked me to try to not start my next sentence with “I”.
“I find it very hard not to want to die,” I told them.
(The answer is corsage)
It was a party trick gone wrong. A neck massage that got too intense.
An invisible shade of blue.
This is what we call multi-level marketing.
It is funny.
The orchestrations of one svengali or another.