Eli S. Evans

Oh, Marvin

Marvin was certain he was good at something; unfortunately, others were equally certain he was not. Specifically, the thing he was certain he was good at but...

The Professional

Being myself a grown man, I was having an argument with a child, the particular subject of which was whether a certain artist, who the child had dismissed as me...
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Eli S. Evans

In recent months, Eli S. Evans has published work in several now or possibly soon-to-be defunct literary magazines, as well as some with a more promising future. A small book of small stories, Obscure & Irregular, was published in 2021 with Moon Rabbit Books & Ephemera, and can be purchased on the website for Moon Rabbit Books & Ephemera or through the usual channels. A larger book of mostly even smaller stories will be published in 2023.