600 Characters


I’m on the wrong side of the road

my drive-thru coffee is going cold

I check my phone once more

rather than look out

ahead of me as it passes by


Debt is a bullet lodged in my side

the appendix ready to burst

I look like a mortgage going under

correcting the wheel cannot help

when all routes are under siege


The BMW ahead comes closer

its plate tells me the driver

served in Iraq for freedom

or something like that

you guess who will swerve first


Glowing screens raised me

their brightness is all I see

so when I was handed the keys

I never kept my eyes on the road

sorry for sending you such a long text




Michael Hylton lives and writes in Ypsilanti, MI. His lesser-known interests include building playlists for his friends and finding the perfect way to brew coffee. His work has also appeared in The Responder Magazine and the upcoming issue of Synecdoche.


If you want to hear more, follow him on twitter.com/KindaRedBeard.


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Photo credit: Todd (https://www.flickr.com/photos/hryckowian)