I tell Becca’s boyfriend how when I was 9, I scratched my kneecaps much too hard, and ever since they have been bumpy and so sad. This will be our lil secret, that is if Becca isn’t bothered by exclusion.

I don’t mind this boyfriend and his wide chin, but later on he will go to the bathroom with great gravitas, and it will become impossible to eat without gagging. I will not tell you his name, no. This is between him, and only those who live within the walls.

Lately, I have been walking more than usual because I like the way my steps feel on this ground. They are close to feeling like the steps of someone very courageous. Even though everyone knows I am on my way to becoming a masochist, I will continue believing in the Mormon church and in the power of talking to people. Someday soon, I may turn violent, but deep down, please know, I can only ever be a puddle.