Marisa Silva-Dunbar

twitter: @theSweetMaris

Marisa is a latina poet, born and raised in New Mexico. She attended the University of New Mexico as an undergrad where she earned her BA in English. During her final year, she worked as a poetry intern for Blue Mesa Review.

After studying abroad at the University of East Anglia her junior year, she went back for a masters in Creative Writing Poetry.

Marisa is editor of Neon Mariposa Magazine, and a contributing writer at Pussy Magic. This summer she joined the Legend City Collective, a writing group made up of other writers and editors. Her first microchap #becky was published by Maverick Duck Press in July. Currently, she is working on a chapbook about her first year in England as well as compiling a full length collection.

Her writing borders on magical realism, wandering from evenings in the desert to the Tube stations of London, to visiting with Goddesses in modern day settings. She writes about longing, the frustrations of creating personas on social media, and relationships. She likes to offer glimpses into the lives of others, exploring how people can haunt and be haunted.

She enjoys dancing bachata, singing karaoke with friends, and attending live drawing sessions run by the artist Sarah Cummings. Marisa is also an activist focusing on women’s reproductive rights, sex worker rights, and the LGBTQ community.

Some of her favorite authors include: Sandra Cisneros, Sherman Alexie, Erika L. Sanchez, Amber Tamblyn, Melissa Lozada-Oliva, and Clementine Von Radics.

She’s currently making her way through a pile of books, which include: Holly Pelesky’s “Quiver”and Nadia Gerassimenko’s “At the water’s edge,” “Lift Every Voice: An Anthology of Poetry,” as well as “A Discovery of Witches.”

Her microchap #becky is available from Maverick Duck Press or you can order signed/annotated copies directly from her website


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