death a gift a package

a slit in the gowned night a slayer

of well water curdling beneath the cross

of your eyes as you fell and fell again


she’s killing me are the last words I hear you speak


mother the she who usher death with grin

on the hellmouth where slayers are blood on the carpet

and she’s exorcised the life from those

who mistook her grooming for love

they now heads on a string that she plucks to bobble


she used to push me too 

tell me I was being dramatic for falling

that I did it to myself

spit in my face for good measure


mother noose pulled tight like a trigger

a metaphor cocktail shaken like your mind

when I know she threatened you in that gnarled voice

rooted deep in the throat as if spoken through

a carburetor when you didn’t obey


not always a voice sometimes just a growl

not vampiric with a hungry tongue

but a sharked snarl something that wants to eat you whole


I’m bleeding out of my ears!

a shriek so piercing you had to hold the phone away

as you cried

and told me to do want she wanted

so that she didn’t end up in the hospital


mother cry woolf

if mother don’t get

what mother wants

even if what mother wants

is your body your freedom your pulse


once given into I could almost hear

the smile hook onto her face

thank you, enjoy your day


did you really think we live in a magical world

where ears stop bleeding when people get what they want

or was it not a coincidence that you loved the movie gaslight

that you thought it was audrey hepburn’s greatest role

that this was one of the first movies you watched

with my wife when she first started visiting the house