wary the years were when


i am the one who sleeps in his head

the one who dares to be, dead

eyes like a cow grows, hello

bottom, i am there

when corridors reek of chlorine, i am
there peter found dead on the floor, alive

margaret was on the wall, aching
joseph had clasped hands, together
i was born watching their semi-circles, barking

out of the ground in ringlets, pulsation
being the key to long, life closing
your eyes when you kill your, will
the night sky burn star, dust and comet
fire into my, brain floating underneath
the boat in the pool waiting for master, father

to save me from sanity and eternal, sunlight

varying in ripples across the life, hello.





Jonathan Dick is a 21 year old human being from Toronto, Canada. He is graduating this year from Huron University College with a major in English Language and Literature. He has been published in The Commonline Journal, and will be published in Poetry Pacific, The Write Place at the Write Time, and Songs of Eretz in the coming months. In the summer, Jonathan will be traveling with his girlfriend across Europe, as they dream the dreams they had forgotten. 


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Cover Photo: “Turn Shelter”  Erin Case (http://erincase.weebly.com)