Sugar cookies with blood
red frosting. A punch card
of Uber rides paid for

by the same person who slipped something in
my drink. This cocktail won’t stop
sparkling and sizzling in between
my fine lines. The driver
asks me if my lips are stuck
with red punch. The driver
tells me to get out of his car and jump

into the punch bowl and eat
a dead fish shaped like a jelly bean
covered in sea salt frosting and slime.

Every other day of the week
means I will eat it on a turnstile
with a different DJ saturating me
into the sound system.
I used to like to sing
my own songs, but
I think today’s special drink
will cauterize my tongue
and turn my fingers into talons.

Night owl became owl flowing
fight or flight
to bring on the new year.
A fluttering of owl pellets
raining down upon the sushi.
Will you dissect this or eat it
or beat it and batter dip it?