half a lemon untouched for weeks / new sticky spot in the fridge / to be avoided / teddy graham crumbs / rice / reheated / too dry / forfeit a few mouthfuls in / anticipate the difficulty of washing that future dish / gulp water in free moments / mostly dehydrated / gulp almond milk from the carton / you startle yourself and spill / at the thought of someone peeking through the window / to see your grotesque habits / &self / teaspoon of honey / teaspoon of peanut butter / teaspoon of honey / teaspoon of peanut butter / repeat 7x / complete with putting / honey away / peanut butter away / and tossing each spoon / into the sink / decisively / before discovering / you want more / and more / and more / waaaay more time spent considering and imagining pizza / than enjoying pizza when you finally actually eat it / think about orange juice / but you have no orange juice / so you banish the thought from your brain / and try to avoid that lemon