I’ll start.

The blueprint for my
bones got jammed in the printer.

@thecampaignbook: hold my hand, close your eyes


My eyes are closed
& I see stars being
swept out with a broom.

@thecampaignbook: we’ve gotta stop them somehow


Don’t do that.
Have you even read Max Ritvo?
Or felt future death?
There is no ladder to the moon.

@thecampaignbook: we’re all feeling it, it’ll go away soon
it’s more than that


It’s much more, Shia.
The dustpan is full of skyshards
& we cannot put them back.

@thecampaignbook: we are after all not god

What will happen after they

up-chuck me into the heavens?

@thecampaignbook: I’ll tell everyone how brave you are


Thank you.
The way this is going,
I may want to spend the night
with you again.

@thecampaignbook: all the universe or nothing, which shall it


Just you, man.

@thecampaignbook: let’s go look at the first sunrise

If that is what you wish,
I can show you how it
rises from me & we can
bury our shoes before the film begins.

@thecampaignbook: under the dawn of that last great day

Okay, we’ll bury them there. Where
did you put our tickets to Moonlight?


@thecampaignbook: I threw the bottle into the ocean, and I never knew if anybody ever found it

Why, you drunk bastard!
What have you to say for this?

@thecampaignbook: I you love
I love you

I you love too. Sit up.
Forget the tickets. Listen,
when do you think Max knew life?

@thecampaignbook: the moment of his own death


& how will you remember
me in my own moment
of death?

@thecampaignbook: a somber, dull call of desire

That’s true. I’m surprisingly tired.
The credits are rolling
it’s time to leave.

@thecampaignbook: wait for us


I can’t. I have to make
the most of my entropy

@thecampaignbook: we’re safe now, we’re safe

Not as long
as our tickets are floating
out there in the ocean. We’re


@thecampaignbook: you may know that, I don’t

Give my twenty to the cashier.
I’m going to call you
from the other side.

@thecampaignbook: this is your last chance

Hah. For what? Love?

@thecampaignbook: the rebirth of the human race

So it is just sex.
I pass the torch to you, darling.
You know what I’m going to
tell you now, yes?

@thecampaignbook: and now last of man, your journey will begin

Mhhm, Good luck *kiss**kiss*