Maria riding down the freeway 70 miles an hour

my red corvette is a greyhound

$50 for 5 hours to Chicago bag full of latex

so my rattlesnake doesn’t sink its fangs into your milk and honey

and 5 hours back into my blue Volvo all night

looping the boulevards, a/c off

my red chipped nails wrapped around the steering wheel

the attached phalanges smelling of your Eden and my American Spirits

because you’ve got me feeling emotions

higher than I get off pabst-blue-ribbon-and-yellow-xan-bar cocktails

higher than the surface of the pool looks after laying on my back at the bottom long enough to realize I’m probably overreacting

baby you make my heart flutter like the wings of a hummingbird

fuck me in my prettiest dress and tell me how my body looks like Raphael’s David

just before I put it back on