Degenerate’s Dogma

Ever woke up to one of those days feeling like
God took a dump on you?
It’s always the day after a decent hangover or “one of those days.”
It’s that awkward moment when life happens all too quickly and your reaction is too slow.
Life conned you into “living.”
Life is full of experiences, but life is a manipulative bastard.
Many idioms describe our experiences:
“That’s life”
“Shit happens”
or “It is what it is.”
But a heap of situations like drunk nights, one night stands, close calls, and
mishaps are endangerments concocted by my own hands.
Some hindrances are intricately woven into the madness of our lives, yet there are
events out of our control.
No one is immune to pain and sorrow.
So I agree that “shit happens.”
There’s no map filled with geographical landmarks; only trial and error.
We’re all flawed individuals born into existence and made into “humans.”
We’re just trying to make it back home after a night out
then repeat the cycle.
We’re all too hard on ourselves except our high expectations fuel us.
I raise my glass to all of you:
or anyone who knows life can be a bitch!
Drink up!

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen man, but I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.”
-Jim Morrison

Tyrone Townsend is a writer and currently attends college in Savannah. He usually occupies his time writing articles for Superbious and the Inkwell. Check out more his writings on:

 Cover photo: Sao Paulo graffiti