The days that just fly by are the best and worst. What happens in them? Where did they go?

For the most part I would say that to the largest degree these are days that are one of two things:

1) The most enjoyable of days spent with friends, family, lovers, loved ones; and are the origin of countless nostalgic memories to be.
2) Work.

Those seem to be the core roots of what these days are.

Today was the second of those two.

Note, it wasn’t a terrible awful unbearable day.

But it was a work day.

A day of work. Followed by work, and then a lecture/reading – which is a form of work for me.

But, how should I complain? My work days are still fairly good.

But they are still work. Any dialogue must begin from this core root.

Work. No matter good or bad, is work.