Countless Lines
In the stars they celebrate
the day of countless lines
I lay down in my sandwich bed
I am trying to catch all of them
Slowly drifting away,and say hi
Only care about the positive vibes
I don’t know but I am still learning
and one day the rise of stars
It will be the only thing we will see
Remember the times to be taught
how to jump off the obstacles
i didn’t know it was right to bleed
if i missed one shot at running fast
Because i’m only good at a short runway track
and remember the time it was funny
Now , i learn to run better and longer
There is always one wide reminder
that sometimes slowly but surely is good too
Remember that time it was funny
when the pair of sneakers were
a number one rule to hop and win
there is always a wide reminder
that sometimes slowly but surely is good too



Hello my name is Blue Waves , i’m 20 years old , i am a poet , a writer and a singer/songwriter . i have been writing poetry for four years now . I started posting poetry online this year . here are my social links to keep in touch :

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Cover Photo: “Before Play” by D.S. West (