Rupert Taylor


Have you ever tried Queen of Sheba soul cake? It’s a rich chocolate cake with rich chocolate sauce, and its named after the Queen of Sheba (obviously) who was a...

Bleeding gums

For a while there I was obsessed with flossing my teeth. When I say a while, I mean four and a quarter years. And when I say obsessed, I mean I flossed them to ...
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Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor is from Aotearoa New Zealand. He wrote a film called BEVERLY that screened at one film festival. That’s right, one. He also won a major international screenwriting competition that led to absolutely nothing getting made, but he does have several TV series in development, so you never know. His short fiction has appeared in Hobart, X-RAY, Maudlin House, Points In Case and others, and he currently lives in Sydney, with his partner and his daughter, who likes unicorns and shouting. Find him on Instagram: @_rupert_taylor