I love my mother
and I love my dog
But this poem
The others.

Aged 25-34,
In the red Volvo
Driving down Yonge Street.
I love you
For letting me merge.

Lady in green
I passed on the sidewalk
Around 9:06 am.
I love you
For saying
Good morning.

Old man
Who flashed his brights
I love you
For warning me
About the hidden police car.

With the picture frame
Turned so I couldn’t see.
I love you
For issuing my card
Even though I had no
Proof of address.

Boy who holds the elevator door,
Woman who calls in traffic tips,
And the flight attendant who gives both
Peanuts and pretzels,
You are the skeletal structure
That supports our crumbling society.
You fan the flames of my faith
And make me a better person.

Teller #4 at your local bank,
The one who reverses fees.