Dk what I’m gonna do about the breakfast game through all this
Bc I hate buying almond milk

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter’s good
It’s really good protein
And it’ll hella check you for trying to eat too much
And too fast too
Like it’ll suffocate you
It’s happened to me three times since I started eating it
Every time I’m like why
Why do I always do this

I allow myself so many treats a week
Alcohol one to two times a week
Fast food once
And maybe one creme pie
Or personal tub of ice cream
But I wonder what the diff is between spreading them across so many days
Like beer today
Fast food tomorrow
Or the day after
Or compiling em into one
And my roommate said there isn’t any

Drunk Caffeinated
I’m in between drunk
And caffeinated
Like I wanted to be faster than I was last week delivery wise
And also drunk
But not like drunk drunk
Just tipsy enough to put on a good show
The show I’m known for
Like I don’t wanna blackout
Like after the first reader
What would you guys do then