I’m the token brown girl at a black and white trash party /
my best friend plays goosebumps on mute and Britney on blast /
the ceiling is a window with the moonlight fighting a rainbow disco to the death /
everything is beautiful / I let the mosquitos dance on me and with the buzz I barely crave cigs //
we drink / we drink more /
a wannabe post Malone / with a distended blunt and half bubbling prosecco corners me /
I pass him for a skinny white Communist / nasal voice and completely faded /
we argue for 3 hours about free will under capitalism /
I call him a phony / the pot calls the kettle a poser /
we hug it out / we take tequila shots no lime no salt no chaser /
I’m ready to go home / fuck / where is home /
boyfriend ex-boyfriend fuckbuddy best friends my parents my old apartment the dump the streets this city / up the coast /
oh yeah / I left / this is not my city anymore / because I turned this city into a mausoleum /I
turned my friends into ghouls and this house into a morgue/tonight my heart’s full of unmarked
graves and idk who to visit / tonight my liver is a dia de los muertos shrine/testament to the
tragedies I’ve toasted to / I pour a little red wine down the kitchen sink in someone’s name / I
forget who //
I stay the night / even the mundane have spirits / same kitchen many years ago cooking vegan
mac’ n’ cheese same living room taking edibles my sister crying in the armchair playing pong in
the garage /
my friend redid the place so many times trying to trick the monsters in the corners / my friend
failed / my friends gather in the living room the morning after to pass around a bong / I don’t like
weed much anymore / and it’s time for me to leave ///