Inspired by Stephen King’s novel The Shining


What will you find in the memory cutouts, Daddy?
How will you explain the black dream mutations,
the degenerated hedge beasts?

It was all inside of us from the beginning, we always
needed a reliable light to see within – long dog trails
of history, bulging veins of the house –
I remember it all, that’s why at night my dark
earthen brother is calling me –

Can you hear the loud thumping of hooves, Daddy?
These walls are too thin, you’re already breathing so heavily –
my time bone is still open, my fear nerve still exposed.

I soar in your Purgatory, I’m a lost little boy,
they say I was the Sunday child, I had six feelings,
but the hammer’s so hard, it beats rhythmically, forcefully –

the thunder is rumbling with fury, Daddy,
it’s raging against our windows –
so what’s the use of shining so desperately?