I. Medieval School Rankings
generic factory synth patches convert
to homogeneous cookiecutter condos,
frequencies between notes reappear
in the sidestreet narrative;
Italian Marxism, cello distortion and
software excruciation add flavor to
frontpage architectural observation;
butterfly study effect waves its wingspan
over Handel, Kandinsky and UNIX,
producing a tidal wave at the copy desk.
II. Acute Renaissance Failure
satanic sixteenth century counterpoint
assignments harmonize raw chicken
skewers on multiple deadlines;
Moroccan spices introduced in film theory
crystallize as editorial sprinkler fixtures;
Dada and Rabelais, Cuban surrealism and
Nietzsche on hooky from orchestration
source themselves for literary voyage.
III. The Broke Era
academic conferences in Tokyo, Prague
and Santiago exercise business journalism,
bedspread sheets and interview skills;
non sequiturs with dual majors, third
derivatives and four-track recorders
resurface in backwater column dictation;
conditional statements and object-oriented
programming with Baudrillard’s translator
spice-rub the sewer salmon of arts criticism.
IV. Postmortemism
thesis committee of design faculty, cyberpunk
and West African drumming becomes the
trampoline, might as well jump.



Gary Singh is an award-winning travel journalist with a music degree who publishes poetry, paints and exhibits photographs. As a scribe, he’s published hundreds of works including travel essays, art and music criticism, profiles, business journalism, lifestyle articles and more. For 500 straight weeks he’s penned a creative newspaper column for Metro, San Jose’s alt-weekly newspaper, an offbeat glimpse into the frontiers of the human condition in Silicon Valley. He is the author of The San Jose Earthquakes: A Seismic Soccer Legacy, forthcoming from History Press.

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Cover image: Mario Klingemann