I was watching the news on TV today.

Hearing discerning words come my way.

They talk of the terrible things leading people to be overweight.

They accuse snack machines, ice cream machines and food vendors

Of being a big culprit and cause,

And restaurants they dam,

For the meat and potatoes always plentiful and on hand.

They think vending machines should be tossed.

The meat and potatoes should be lost.

Are they serious?

Did I hear this correctly?

To cut out another big chunk of our society –

What about all those working vendors and their families?

The restaurants and their employees?

This is our free society?

I believe it’s being hacked at and taken away.

Why are we the ones who always have to pay?


We the people are in a constant state of recession –

But all the higher ups have their own jets.

They couldn’t possibly fly 1st class.

The President, the Pope and the Armed Forces

Are the only ones who should be honored with that.

As for the rest of them,

Why should we have to pay so from us they could stay away?


The Governments are here to keep peace and insure equality;

But they are not in dismay,

They just keep all of us this way.

Does this make sense?

We were shown the horrors of Hitler from the time we were kids,

And told his government is so bad and that we are lucky it is America we have.

Yet more and more we have no say,

And more and more they continue to take away.

I am a Republican in the State of Illinois,

But –

Illinois is a Democratic State –

So what does my vote mean?

It doesn’t mean anything.


We are a society stuck between 2 pieces of glass.

We are all just ants.

Trying to make our home and our way,

But the big wigs are holding our world between their hands

And shaking it up and down like an Etch a Sketch –

Telling us…

Devastation has come to our land!

We now have to pay even more to fix the problem at hand.

And this is our land?

That is a joke by sleight of hand.

They are all magicians,

And even if we see the blunder it matters not.

What is the land of the free?

Because we are being taxed out of our businesses and homes quickly.


Just so you know,

I am not anti-government or antiwar.

I am just a human being trying to keep my head above water,

At the very least get by,

And not be chastised in the meantime for being alive.


Science spends unheard amounts of money trying to clone these days.

The world is already overpopulated now I’d say.

Do we really need to make more animals and people in artificial ways?

Maybe these are the type of jobs we should cut out.

Billions of dollars to see and create what we already know –

Procreation began with Adam and Eve so very long ago,

And since the beginning of time…

We and the animals have already learned how to make our own kind.

Now we strive –

Give up almost everything fun and nice,

To pay for the world –

So they could live right?

What about us and our plight?

We are just as deserving,

Isn’t this right?

What would,

The Town,



And Country Governments be,

If there was no population …

Just them – And not you or me?


We are very important you see.

The Governments need us as much as we need them,

And we – Not just them deserve a better leg to stand on.


They are living large and raking in the dough,

While we are trying to stop ourselves from sinking.

You know?


These hard times are for whom?

Oh! That’s right!

Not them…Us again.

We are the ones who get damned and it makes me angry as hell –

Because the Governments never have to worry or dwell,

On making it through everyday life.


That is left for us…

Dress warm –

Try not to get sick –

Stretch that dollar –

We have proven it is possible on a family of 6.

We’ll get you in this house for a real good price,

And, if you do believe it –

6 months later…

It’s being taken away,

Because you’re Mortgage just tripled in size,

And with your pay that doesn’t coincide.


Way to beat down the people that thought they were still standing.

I wonder how many more properties are in foreclosure now.


Used to be…

If you put a fence around your property it was yours.

Now your little plot of land can never be paid off.

In whose hair brained idea did this occur?

How can the Governments ensure that it is all theirs?

Where is Gods signing off signature?

How did the Governments get the lien?

What did they pay to acquire the Earth and all its lands,

That they could so off handedly

Make everyone forever pay out of pocket and hand,

And raise it on command,

By just sitting in a board room with a show of hands -?


I understand we all have to do our part,

But is it really fair to squeeze from us every last drop,

And then have the nerve to say –

The Deficit grows larger,

And the average family?

You are the ones who have to pay.


And what about the Elderly today?

Is it necessary to take from them until they die?

In old times –

The Elderly were considered sacred.

Now if we live to a ripe old age,

High five the Governments say.


You don’t want us to drink.

You don’t want us to smoke.

You don’t want us to buy convenient on the go snacks.

You don’t want us to order out from a fast food restaurant.

When most people have 2 jobs in these times,

Why must you still tighten the lines?


If only 1 person in the family needed to work these days;

Most everyone who needed a job would already have one,

And not be in dismay.


What about the taxes that is due 2x’s a year?

I feel we’re tricked into paying 55% up front,

And the lessor amount due at years end?

Ends up costing us more than it did in the beginning.


Less than a month before 2010’s December tax was due –

They incredulously raised it,

And wouldn’t wait the 3 months until after the year was new,

To put it into the next tax bill.


I also heard the TV say –

If the people want good medical then the people have to pay!

We shouldn’t have to lose our homes or our lives over a medical bill.

NO Way!

I believe –

In the taxes that we endlessly ever faithfully do pay,

Should already have included medical.

This is the right way.


Where for art thou in our time of suffering plain and loud -?

The people in the world are begging you PLEASE!

Think of us!

Obviously we are here for you!

Can we ever get a glimpse of sunny days coming through?


You are forcing us to build a Pyramid without directly saying so.

How dare you be so bold!

We are also what life is all about!


Who say you should be given all the clout-?

Let’s ante it up and even it out.

This is America right?

This time I stand out loud.


We don’t deserve to be shackled in an invisible hold.

God has our souls and not the Governments,

Truth be told.

It is our pocket books that they hold,

And we are seemingly left feeling cold.


Slowly damning our lives.

2012 is looking right.

The beginning of the end by man’s sleight of hand.

Thou art thought ye to be too powerful –

A grave mistake.

We will slowly die this human race.

All the power and money in the world cannot replace the end of us.

Do you see what is at stake?

I beseech to this world –

Give back to our human race before it is too late,

Because in the end…

You guys have the upper hand.

I beg you to make amends!

Would you truly let us end?

Feel in your hearts the sun again,

And the laughter that is still in the land.

Come on man!

You can do it!

I know you can.

Isn’t the United States supposed to be for the people -?

Or is that now considered old school and bland.

Because we’re not feeling it anymore.

Do you understand –





I went to see the town Mayor the other day.

His office was dark and empty.

He’s rarely there they say.

[They] being the secretaries and staff.

They are here every day,

While the Mayor’s office sits vacant and dark.

Like the Emperor’s new clothes,

The naked eye sees him not.

At the once a month town meeting

You can view him in his seat.

You are even allowed to speak.

But don’t say too much.

They’ll shut you up, sit you down.

They don’t want to change anything,

And are bored with our version of what is wrong.

We are the ones that house them, put shoes on their feet-

That gives them their seat;

But somehow they forget this in their fattened pockets of deceit.

And the town official who really wants to make a difference?

I know an upstanding guy named Joe.

He is someone who is for his community.

Wants to see it grow, not eventually fold.

Well he voted against the panel one day.

He couldn’t see spending $30,000 on a fire work display,

That within an hour is done;

Especially when last year was a bust.

The rain wouldn’t stop coming;

And when they finally decided to set them off…

Not many of the town folk showed up.

Joe explains where this money needs to go.

He sees all the streets that are in decay.

The vicious pot holes growing larger in every way.

Seeing more homeless every day.

People moving out of their homes because they can no longer afford to pay

The outrageous taxes that outmatch their pay.

Let’s spend the money the right way.

Give back to the town Joe says.

Silence greeted his request.

He was voted down.


What the selfish panel wants is in,

And a real person like Joe who was later running for Mayor and about to win

Was pushed to the way side.

Somehow –

Extra votes appeared.

Where did these people come from?

How were they able to vote?

Were they licensed and registered?

Whatever happened was under handed for sure.

It’s like only the selfish and greedy can be put into power.

People who don’t really care about this town or this Earth.

This is what the City does when a Dudley Do Right like Joe

Fights for the cause.

They run this town!

Therefore the money stay’s greasing their palms.

Joe may have won the preliminary,

But on voting day he was stopped in his tracks.

It’s their land he’s stepping on and they won’t have it.

Just so everyone knows it is a fact.

Joe lost the election.

Just like that.

How sad.

In running for Mayor, Joe had to give up his seat.

Now he’s ousted completely.

The greasy palms stay greased.

I even heard our President Laugh and say –

They want the average family to keep suffering,

While people in power like him keep getting a raise.

Can you believe this he says-?

I don’t think this is one bit funny.

These light hearted snickers seem to laugh in our face,

Boldly letting us know we are being put in our place.

The gavel endlessly pounding against the human race.

Is it fair – no its not.

Can we do anything about it?

The government says they’ll look into it.

We now have photo enforced lights.

No police involved.

And at $100 a picture they are laughing out loud.

They can now punish us by video while they sit fat in their seat.


It’s all handled for them – how sweet.

Is this what is taking tops?

Revenue for cities and towns.

Buildings broken into, graffiti,

And where are the cops driving around?

In the parking lots of our stores and restaurants

Running tags, looking for someone to tow or lay a ticket on –

The big hit of the day!

The average person is now more criminal then stealing, destruction,

And life threatening I’d say.

Hell – you could stay home for the day.

They’ll walk right in your yard,

And ticket your car in the driveway.

And speaking of property…

I heard taxes are on the rise again.

Come on man! Who are they kidding!

Didn’t they just do that at the end of 2010?

Is this the big ball they’re waiting to drop?

While businesses are shutting down and

Houses are abandoned, closed up.

So many need a job and a home…

But the cities and towns aren’t willing to lower anything down.

It’s like our graves are pre dug,

And they are shoveling the dirt in faster than we can dig it out.

Their endless truck loads overwhelm us,

And the tiny spoons they give us to work with hold no clout –

Shovels have been banned.

They’re considered dangerous now.

Making sure we never get far.

Yet, they still demand more.

It’s hard to believe they are gunning for a ghost town,

But the dominos are in motion and the signs are all around.

A reprieve is what we need.

We hope the right way will be found.

This is what we hope for.

What keeps us moving on.

Like steadfast tin soldiers,

Always honorable we are duty bound;


We’ll remain this way till the sun does shine no more.

That will be the day when we realize there is no cure.

Until then, we’ll blindly keep our hopes up.

That’s for sure.

What I would like to say in the end to Joe who is a good man –

Thank you for trying my friend, your cause was worthy,

And I commend you for taking a stand.

Wish they all had a heart like yours. We’d be happy again.





I am so appalled,

I want to scream out loud.

I bought a ’94 Lexus

For $300 bucks.

It needed an engine.

That’s what sucks.

It took a couple of months

To get the one I need,

And when this car was running,

I drove straight to the Driver Facility.

[99th & King Drive]

They handle it all there.

I get it plated,

Put in my name,

And pay the taxes the State so claims.

This was in April 2012.

I did what I was supposed to.

All is well.

Now it is the end of December,

4 days before the New Year’s bell tolls.

I get a letter in the mail,

Stating taxes I owe

On my ’94 Lexus,

From almost a year ago.

I tossed the paper away,

Thinking it’s a scam or joke,

And went about my day

In my normal pleasant way.

Later in my car

I get stopped at a light.

My thoughts start bugging me…

I reach into my glove box and see,

My car papers are showing

I have paid the taxes indeed.

I start to feel angry.

When I got home,

I pulled that paper

Out of the trash

And called this facility-

Demanding – how dare they send this paper to me.

I paid my taxes,

The proof is right in front of me.

She basically said to me,

The taxes you paid on that paper don’t count.

You paid to the State,

And earlier this year

Cook County came out

Decided from now on,

With every car bought

They also deserved a cut???

This is what your paper is all about,

Which means your taxes were not paid,

And the amount shown must be paid in full.

You have 30 days.

I said…

What is going on here?

Are they nuts?

I was never informed

The day I plated my car –

I found out…

It is not the place of the State facility

To inform us of this new greed.

I am shocked – speechless.

I just can’t believe…

Not only

Did they throw this on me,

Also the fact,

Cook County wants 7 x the amount

That the State took from me.


For my ’94 Lexus w/ 200.000 + miles.

I am now paying more to be legal

Than what this car is worth,

And the bottom crushing line is

I haven’t worked in a while.

I am told it’s not their problem,

It’s mine.

Now I see the dividing line.

The Governments against the rest of mankind.

How did this all change over time???

Growing up in school,

We learned about Leaders,

People in power.

Some of them we were taught to despise.

Now you are the ones

Trying to cook us alive.

Is this what our Nation should be compared to???

Our governments were formed

To take care of us.

That all is even.

Let there be trust.


Everything we believed in

Is being pushed to the side.

We’re treated like animals.

This fact you don’t anymore hide.

People get jailed for treating their pets this way,

But the governments suffer no repercussions.

No punishment is made.

Do you think if us people honestly had a vote in life

This would be our chosen way?

That we would so willingly throw our lives away?

Like slaves back in the Egyptian days?

Families split up – Everyone has to work.

Suffering – endlessly,

While the Rulers

Bask in riches and glory.

The thinning of the herd

Is the era of our day.

How proud you must be

Of this new escapade.

It sickens me greatly.

This falsehood from which you were made.

You are no longer here for us.

Your heart now,

Only warms you’re your own way.

What dismay for us people today.


Debra Hanna grew up in Oak Forest IL. Forests and animals are instilled in her insides. Her love for Mother Nature and all its fine worth, grew her up smiling and happy…in tune w/ the earth. She writes from her heart, it pulls from her soul, she carries scrap paper and a pen, because she never knows. The future un for told. She smiles as she goes; and the rocky paths bear hold. Her book [My Journey In Life] will be coming out next year.

 Cover photo: chiaralily