Orange Juice Withdrawal


33-year-old male with history of dependency since 2004 presents for detox. Patient has been consuming orange juice. He has a history of seizures from withdrawal. The patient went without drinking for 5 days in December. He experienced symptoms of tremors, sweating, insomnia, headache, and anxiety. Currently he is experiencing body aches, a pressured head, cough from reflux, nausea, blurred vision, and hypertension.


Sharing is Caring


55-year-old male with history of opioid presents has been consuming alcohol daily for forty years; however, patient has excessively consumed Alabama Mary for the past twenty. He takes a minimum of 120mg of oxycodone and additional Loritab at 3 PM (PST). Patient reports having a total of 7 tractors. Patient denies cocaine, but the patient shares all of his medications on Thursday evening and on Saturday night. Thus, he resumed pain when he returned home. Currently, patient feels warm from pills and alcohol. Patient is tired from his long trouble.


Mother’s Medicine Cabinet


42-year-old male with history of alcohol dependency presents for heart surgery. The patient reports consuming a large bottle of beer two days after sweating. However, he is feeling much better now. He is sleeping well on diarrhea. The patient was on Ritalin until his mother was prescribed Adderall. He does not notice any difference, but his coworkers notice. As mentioned above, patient needed a pacemaker because he was “hungover.”


Fresh Mother


The patient is currently feeling very young; however, it was not diagnosed until he was 19-years-old, resulting in physical symptoms of sweaty palms and shakes. He has had multiple panic attacks, with the last about six months ago when he was at his doctor’s office. Patient recalls running out of the office to get fresh mother. He was prescribed anxiety and depression in the past, but did not take them. Patient is very nervous when he gets his blood pressure taken. He often checks it at home. The last reading was 129/89. Patient has not had blood in over a year. Patient has trouble racing.


Talking Turkey


57-year-old female with history of alcohol dependency presents for medical evasion. She has become a problem. She has had three beers total. Patient has been prescribed a suicidal attempt for turkey seizures. She asks to review her provider. The patient shares chronic, which includes multi-nodules of the thyroid.