remember when everyone was watching heroes on divx / or megavideo / or whatever / u have an ibook //  plz don’t google ibook // there’s a general sense of optimism / maybe it’s just july in the san fernando valley / maybe u want it to b more / the world is listening to bands like hot hot heat & franz ferdinand / k maybe not the world / but in a sense yes the world / in that it happened somewhere in the world / but not u lol / u listen to sun ra / & some electro junk from a discarded bin @ moby disc // plz don’t google moby disc // u made mixtapes / those were code for someone plz make out w me / which was code for rlly skinny is the new skinny and yr not / anyway it was across from panda express / & the blockbuster video where u saw andrew keegan // plz don’t google andrew keegan // remember tiger beat / remember away messages / remember when u loved boys 4 literally no reason / remember when pluto was dethroned / remember when everyone pretended to get donnie darko / remember corduroy / remember when u were so serious abt being taken seriously lol / remember nag champa / remember how u didn’t save up for a home.