Holy Devils
Holy devils,

Are guardians of prostitutes alleys

In this way

The residents of anger and wrath

Are godess that their wildly neighbors originated of ape and thirst

To spread out the ash of their with no baptism sin

On the particular without armor

Look at

The certain day

Ocean will bring it octopus from depth to the surface

That day

Will have been regret day of sunny ghostliness.



Blood Crime Pieces
Wine glasses
On the officers desk
The imprinted a plan
Twisted with
Shapes of circles and angles
Smoke up to the ceiling
The chairs keeping the ranks clothes hang
On skin of the floor
Open the windows of commands room
Dead bodies of soldiers
Have fallen in a corner
?why don’t you respect the Real victors
Cool down,
Only the wings of some flies
Wipe away the dust
Of your bodies.



Aggressiveness Of Century
These figures fallen

In the swamp of the infertile females

Are the men

In the land of the wine and alcohol

Who throw their sheets

On the ground

And think of sleeping with the beasts


For crave-like brains filled with coal

There is no mirror

To servant themselves.

Fields of sunflowers

Are the breaks

At the time of

Motion while moving

Dawn is near


Dawn of Black coated!!

Shadows will not be waiting anymore

They will be faded

And you will be swallowed inside of them.


Seyed was born in Mashhad, Iran (31 August 1991). You can find his work in:
“WAF Anthology Book” – Portugal (January 2011)
“eFiction Magazine” – USA (January & March 2012)
“Zouch Magazine” – Canada (April 2014)
“Vivimus Magazine” – Iceland (July 2014)
“FIVE Poetry Magazine” – USA (June 2014)


Cover photo: Taymaz Valley https://www.flickr.com/people/taymazvalley/