holding my fate in both my hands
waiting for captain
waiting for orders
overboard i must and will be thrown
oh let me fly to my duties lord

revenants of spirits vile
keep me company while on duty
i could show a happy face
and be content with cigarettes
organize my life and times
and gaze upon the sea with longing

a clarity is opening up my mind
thanks be to god for handsome faces
that baked out trailer park was not my jail
oh i was well organized
a willing volunteer who said yes
to the smiling young man who first tested me
in an office on a street in san francisco
new millenium sure enough

the captain is well traveled
he has roamed the plains of mars
he warned us of the dangers that the alien spirits pose
to minds lost in obscurity
in minds tormented by madness
he vowed to free us all if we could just hold on with both our hands
and he mocked our sad neurotic state
our unworthy lack of clarity and counterpoise

eldorado was a place of gold
but captain says we go to acapulco
you can see that heap of gold from outer space
so put the bitter end below in chains
let me have my clarity
as it was promised to me
an end to auditions and trials
i soon will see the light on the horizon