and requests that I make her a raspberry jelly

sandwich on white bread and we sip


Diet Dr. Pepper from fluorescent-colored

flexy straws and she talks about Veruca Salt,


I taught those girls how to apply eyeliner

backstage at Saint Andrews Hall in 1994.


She dives onto the sofa and licks jelly

from the crust of her sandwich


to keep it from escaping, her tongue

bleeds red sugar sweet raspberry


while the opening credits

of 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield


flash across the television screen

and she says, T., you should get a head tattoo


like the guy in the opening credits

—and I agree, But what should it say?


She takes the last bite of her sandwich

and sucks her red sugar sweet raspberry


fingertips and says,

Qu’ils mangent de le gâteau


let them eat cake!