Matthew Perry died yesterday at 54.
This hit me hard. Maybe because I am 54 too.
& John Ritter was 54 when his heart gave out.
He was my first crush. I loved Three’s Company.
Had his picture hanging in my 9th grade locker.
I convince myself 2003 is recent history—
but it’s two decades back.
& Suzanne Somers died this week too.
At least she got to be 76. I have frozen
Jack & Chrissy & Janet at 22.
I wonder how Joyce Dewitt feels
to be the only one left. & the Ropers both died
in 1998 & they were both 54 in the pilot. & I was only
a decade old. A quarter century when Friends began.
& pregnant with my son–who turns 29 this January
& I hated being 29 because I felt so old.
Remember inspecting my 11’s. Friends went on for a decade
more. They were 35 when it ended. It was a year
after Ritter died. Jen was still with Brad.
The twins who played Ross and Rachel’s baby are now 21.
I had three kids in 2004. I stopped
watching Friends around 2002. May have watched
the finale. Had no interest in the reruns. Didn’t age
well. Tuned into the reunion last year. Amazed
they somehow kept the whole
set intact. I wonder what they did
with the Three’s Company couch
Jack tripped over everyTuesday at 9.
Perry looked so old. The girls held up well.
I am now a ma’am wherever I go. My daughter
is getting married next month. She is 26. At 26,
I was 6 months pregnant with her & Friends aired
onThursdays during Lamaze class
& we had to videotape Season 3
& I remember we missed
The One Where No one’s Ready.