A Better Rebel


He demands

we breach boundries

beyond the call-out.


To remain present

in the conversation,

he prompts anyone

who has felt this disorder

to come forward.


He looks directly at me,

though I am in

my own dimension.


Brave family groups

don’t disclose

any regrets.


Only one frame

reveals empty boards;

no one is prepared to

put their hands up to that.


You select the twizzle hat;

magical red hovers

above your damp shirt.


Karen Little trained as a dancer at London Contemporary Dance School, and as a sculptor at Camberwell School of Art, London. She has performed and exhibited internationally. She has regularly read her work at poetry events during the past three years, and her poems have recently been published in Best of Manchester Poets, an anthology, Volume 3, East Jasmine Review, Bunbury Magazine and Otter Magazine.


Cover photo: Naomi https://www.flickr.com/people/mariko1/