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I Don’t Mean To Redshift


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i’m moving away from the earth, and i don’t really mean to

beyza ozer’s beautiful and irreverent poems speak the necessary restlessness of a world in which, “we’re all just really bright specks that help make the dark look like something.” Raw and powerful, ozer’s work tethers the emotional to the scientific and offers hope for the most universal of conditions: “I know you are / lonely right now / but I have ideas.” Holly Amos, Continual Guidance Of Air

 “Here is a fact: humans are celestial & celestial objects are always moving,” beyza ozer tells us in I DON’T MEAN TO REDSHIFT. ozer writes with the anxiety and frenetic unruliness of the Space Race: who will die on the moon first? ozer takes us deep into our galaxy just to remind us that even black holes and ancient objects in space look just like us: tiny, lost, and yet so animated, so aware. There are so many reminders here to never choose between any one thing and the other, but to be both, be all, be above and below, be surrounded, be related. These are poems that hope we all live and die spectacularly, and if “i could only hear one sound out of thousands,” it would be beyza ozer’s I DON’T MEAN TO REDSHIFT shaking like a universe on fire inside all of our bones. –Erin J. MullikinWhen You Approach Me at the Lake of Tomorrow and Founding Editor of NightBlock

beyza ozer invented scale. Or rather, they invented the complete blurring of scale. A planet is the size of your heart is the size of oh, we are so, so tired, & yet we are still here. beyza invented this! & I DON’T MEAN TO REDSHIFT is the unrelenting & glorious proof that any direction we look could be up. –Dalton Day, author of Actual Cloud

‘i don’t mean to redshift’ is a softcover, 50 page, 4×6, poetry book. 

Printed in the USA.

2 reviews for I Don’t Mean To Redshift

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marlena Chertock (verified owner)

    Beyza Ozer’s poems magnify Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” and made me cry stardust tears. I’m even more obsessed with space after reading “I Don’t Mean To Redshift,” if that’s possible. There are photos from NASA’s Instagram feed and letters to the zodiac signs. This collection combines the fear and reality of death, loneliness, and mysteries of the universe.

  2. eliza

    This is the first book of poems I ever purchased myself and my all time favorite. I’ve never read anything like it and never felt more in touch with poetry before. Beyza’s work is extraordinary, completely unique and not like anything else you’ll find nowadays. It’s contemporary at the same time as it is timeless, very current and really makes you think about the existentiality of life

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